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8:30am – Stop by the library on my way to the elementary school to pick up and change into my Summer Reading Presentation outfit (shorts, a  lei, snorkeling mask, and summer reading t-shirt). Head to the elementary school.

8:45am – Arrive at the elementary school to do Summer Reading Presentations and meet my colleague, Ms. J. The office isn’t sure what we’re supposed to be doing, then the librarian sees us and ushers us into the library. She gives us a schedule and off we head to the third grade.

9am-11:30am – Ms. J and I visit every grade pod (they have the four classes for each grade in a pod with a common area just outside of all of the classrooms for that grade). When we ask the kids what they are going to do this summer and then ask the teachers what they would like the kids to do this summer, the teachers all answer correctly – READ! There are a lot of groans in the fourth grade about how boring reading is.

The fifth grade teachers decide that our time in their pod is time to stand in the corner (about five feet away from me) and talk. When we try to involve the teachers during our riddle contest they obviously haven’t been paying attention and seem annoyed that we would ask them to participate. I’m always amazed when I’ve visited classrooms that some teachers decide they don’t need to listen to my presentation but they get after the kids who are not paying attention.

We change our presentation around a bit for the kindergartners since they may not quite get our game of “Is the book title real or fake?” I read The Sea Serpent and Me by Dashka Slater to them. I’m so nervous because Ms. J does storytime at our library and I’ve never read in front of a group with her in the room.

11:30am – Ms. J and I are exhausted from our school visit but we head back to work for the rest of our day.

11:45am – Arrive back at the library and change clothes. Ms. J and I talk to the director about how the school visit went. It’s our first elementary school visit of the month for summer reading. Two more to go but now we have our routine down.

12pm – Cover the front desk for lunches. Attempt to finish rating the vendors bids for our “Opening Day Collection.” (It’s 10 months late but we had to wait until all of the other construction upgrades such as much-needed sound panels, window shades, a screen in the meeting room and various other things were done to the library to make it a more workable building.)

12:30pm – Lunch. Time to take a deep breath and read.

1pm – Back at the front desk for an hour. Still working through a couple of bids to put comments in the rating sheet. I’m so excited that someone else is going to be analyzing our collection, especially juvenile nonfiction. I’ve been weeding and slowly replacing juvenile nonfiction and I’m always surprised to find a book from the 1970s or 1980s on the shelf. There have been books that looked old when I was a kid in the early 1980s that I wouldn’t have picked up that are on our shelves. I know every library has them but it’s really embarrassing when the only information that’s available to a kid is 20 years old. I definitely don’t subscribe to the “something is better than nothing” philosophy, especially when it comes to books for school reports.

2pm – Meet with the director and assistant director and discuss our ratings of the book vendors for the Opening Day Collection. In the meeting, I realize my form wasn’t as thoroughly filled out as it should have been so I had to give justifications for my ratings on the spot and make notes as we go. Ooops!

3:15pm – Back at my desk to type out my comments on the rating form and readjust a couple of my ratings after our discussions in the meeting. We find out which vendor had the highest rating, it was close but not too close. The discounts were one of the main deciding factors.

3:30pm – Try to work on getting the June programs to appear in the correct order on the website. I pull out a print calendar and number each event to make my life a bit easier with the website. Our website is done with WordPress so each post has to have a specific date to appear in the correct order. Sometimes I wish there was an easier way. Finally, I decide that it’s not worth fretting over today and I’ll work on it tomorrow afternoon.

Follow up with a phone call to the comic book artist who will be doing a comic book drawing class at my library next Monday. Still need an invoice from him so that it can be approved at the board meeting tomorrow.

Start putting together Summer Reading Guidelines for teens.

Answer a couple of patron questions regarding summer teen volunteering.

Unpack the Ellison Dye Cut machine that’s just arrived from another library and show a colleague which dyes need to be cut, how many and which colors for each.

Start to inventory summer reading prize books that left over from last summer in preparation for my visit to the Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale on Wednesday. Realize that there is a reason a lot of them are left over and also wonder how long they have been in our prize box. Picture books and chapter books are really sparse. Teen books are just horrible, does anyone read Sweet Valley University? The teens last fall made it very clear that I need to include manga in the summer reading prize books.

4:30pm – Time to head home and enjoy the beautiful day!


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On this cold February Tuesday…

9 a.m. — Arrived at work and was intercepted on my way to my mailbox to talk about some materials in the manga library’s manga collection.

9:15 – 10:30 a.m. — Met separately with the Youth Services Manager, the Library Director, and our Support Services (cataloging) Librarian about making changes to the call numbers in our manga collection in order to allow us to keep the entirety of this format in one location in the library.

10:30-11 a.m. — Back to my office to chat with our tech guy for a few minutes while he updated the timer and checkout system on our laptop computer lab.  Then I spent some time answering emails and looking at the session schedule for PLA next month.  (Yay, PLA!)

11 a.m. – noon — Worked on getting ready for my book club this afternoon…wrote questions for this month’s book and book talks so the teens could vote on our next selection.  (I bring in 4-5 books each month and let them choose.)

Noon-1 p.m. — Straightened up in the YA section, collecting all the strays and marking our “internal use” books, filled in my Pete Hautman book display (he’s coming next week!), and checked in with my teen volunteer (a very lovely home schooler) who was diligently packaging DVDs and shelving YA paperbacks.

1 p.m. — lunchtime!!

2-3 p.m. — Followed up with the Support Services Librarian one more time about the manga collection.  Then I worked on a game for my book club (idea courtesy ya-yaac) called SLAM.  To play, you make up factual questions about the book (our book was How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff).  Make a set of cards (just cut up cardstock) with the correct answers for each question.  Make enough sets for each person in the book group.  During the game, the book club members then “SLAM” down the correct answer.

3-3:25 p.m. — chatted with one of my regular teens while getting all the laptops set up, starting up our staff computer and programs, turned on lights, and got ready to open Teen Central.

3:25 p.m. — Doors open!  Immediately checked out 4 laptops!

3:35-4 p.m. — One of my part-timers arrived and took over the check-out desk.  I talked with her about some projects she’s working on…particularly trying to get a volunteer fair organized for April.

4-5 p.m. — Book Club!  We had a newcomer this month which was exciting!  We talked about Rosoff’s book, played SLAM (a hit!), talked about what else we’ve been reading, passed out our March book (What I Saw and How I Lied) and chose our April book (Paper Towns).  We also discussed the possibility of doing a summertime books-to-movies series since they’ll be out of school and we’ll have more time to be able to watch the movies.

5-5:30 p.m. — Did some reprimanding for running and rowdiness, then helped one of the offenders use the microfilm machine to find an obituary for a family member from the week she was born.  She was fascinated by the microfilm machine!  It was fun.

5:30-6 p.m. — Took over on the service desk to give my assistant a break.

6 p.m. — Time to go home!

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A Saturday at my library…

8:15-10 a.m. — I’m taking some time off-desk this morning to finish my July department report for the director and library board.  I also get my August report started with some notes about what I’ve been up to so far this month (including my volunteer appreciation pizza party, and lots of weeding!)

10-noon — I’m out at the Adult Reference Desk on this morning, working on my September programming calendar in my downtime between questions like…

  • “Can I use the Internet?  I’m from out of town?”  Yes!  We have guest passes.
  • “Where are the baby name books?”  Follow me!  (929.4)
  • “I’m looking for David McCollough’s historical books.  I think he has one about the Panama Canal.”  Like any good 21st Century librarian, I googled.  This book is called The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870-1914, and yes, we had a copy on the shelf.
  • “Do you have any copies of Fine Woodworking magazine?”  We only have the last year.  We donated older issues of our periodicals to help make room for the new teen center (construction starts next month!!!!)

12:15-1 — lunch

1-2 — Covering lunch in the children’s department

  • “When does storytime start up again?”  October, and we’re changing things so that registration is no longer required.
  • “Do you know where the Animal Ark books are?” Yes! I’ll show you.
  • “Do you have the newest Fabumouse?”  Google again!!  I didn’t know how to spell Fabumouse!  Our copy of the newest book was checked out, but I put it on hold for the patron.

2-2:45 — Back to my office to work some more on my September calendar, including program descriptions for the backside.  I also did some research for programming for Talk Like a Pirate Day.

2:45-3 — Quick break.  My office is freezing so I opted to head out into the 100-degree heat to walk over to Ellie’s Deli for a pop and a cookie.

3-3:30 — Back to pirate research!

3:30-5 — To the Adult Reference Desk where I answer no questions (!!) but finish my September calendar and catch up on my YA-YAAC reading.

5:15 — Library’s closed!  Heading home.

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