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On one of the many listservs that I subscribe to, I came across this article from the New York Times about problem parents in YA lit. It’s something that came up when I was talking to a coworker a few months ago, she asked why all of the parents in YA lit seem to absent from their kids’ lives. It was something I pondered but wasn’t sure how to answer. Then this morning something was mentioned in a conference session I attended (I’m currently at the state library conference) and it made me realize one possibility for absent parents in YA books — many kids are starting to become independent from their parents, they want to rebel against their parents but also conform in their own social groups. It’s just a theory, of course.

On a completely different topic, I’m sure the book bullying on Amazon and book ratings is oldish news to some of you but I keep noticing it more and more. Amazon reviews used to be somewhat reliable but this sort of bullying has really gotten out of hand. When I have a teen or parent ask about a particular book that I can’t find a review for in my usual sources, I’ve turned to Amazon for a quick review. With this bullying it makes it quite difficult to wade through all of the negative reviews about shipping and gripes about a book not being on the Kindle to figure out what gives the book some value.

I’ll write all about my experience at the state (Kansas) library conference later. I’ve come away with a lot of great ideas and several things that I can’t wait to try at our library. I think I’m most excited about the prospects for making our teen volunteer program more than just sitting at the summer reading prize table.


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For the Twilighters who can’t get enough. Little, Brown and Company announced The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, a new novella from Stephenie Meyer is due out June 5, 2010.  I’ve already added it to my May order for the library.

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Cindy and Lynn have posted on the Book Blog a really interesting post regarding the major changes to YALSA’s Best Books for Youth Adults.

As someone who uses the YALSA lists a lot for collection development and creating my own booklists, I hope they come to a solution that will benefit teen librarians!

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The Cybils (the Children and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards) finalists have been announced. There are some terrific books nominated in the respective categories. Some I’m reminded that I really need to read.

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Out in the Interspace webs

A few things that I couldn’t pass up posting.

The Onion News Network shows what happens when adults go crazy of the latest kids book.

And for teen writers and writers of teen literature there is the Young Adult Review Network (YARN). Their debut issue will be released soon.

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I’ve had a few newsy tidbits saved from my last couple of weeks of Internet trolling…here are the highlights!

Have you seen this video of YA author Jackson Pearce regarding the use of the “F-Bomb” in her book As You Wish?  No?  Well then, you should watch it.  Good stuff!

OMG!  Lauren Myracle gave one of her characters a couple of gay parents!  The nerve!  I’ve been following this story for a couple of weeks, but hadn’t had the chance to write about it.  If you haven’t heard about it yet, I’ve collected a couple of links about the controversy surrounding Myracle’s new book Love Ya Bunches and whether or not it will be carried at Scholastic book fairs.  Apparently Scholastic actually asked Myracle to remove the gay characters from her book.  Gross.  Anyway, here’s the news round up…from Christian Science Monitor and from School Library Journal.  It looks like Scholastic is backpeddling though…thank goodness!

And finally, over at The First Novels Club, there’s a super well-worded response to some criticism of Maggie Stiefvater’s Shiver (which I personally adored).


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