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As you, our dear readers know, I opened Teen Central at my library 3 weeks ago (note my total blog absence–it’s been crazy!!).   We estimate about 300 community members came to our grand opening party and things have gone from crazy to crazier over the last couple of weeks.

Yesterday at 5 p.m., our room count was 46–the highest count since we opened, although not by much.  The interest has been incredible!   The kids are definitely finding out about us, and they seem to be liking what they’re finding.

Of course we’re dealing with all the kinks we expected to be dealing with–6th graders who think they’re in a jungle gym, 11th graders trying to make out in the booths, general obstinance about using headphones, restlessness leading to rambunctiousness, etc.  But, we’re also meeting tons of new teens who are sitting down to use the Internet, gathering at the bar to play Jenga, drawing on our dry erase wall, and *gasp* reading!

So, I guess I should get on to some photos and show you all the stuff I’ve been raving about for all these months that I haven’t been able to share pictures!  Check out some snapshots over at Flickr!

Today, I saw this article from SLJ about cuts at the NYPL affecting kids’ services.  Cuts are happening all over the place, which makes it all the more amazing that I have this brand new room at my library entirely dedicated to teen services.  There’s no doubt about it: I’m one lucky librarian.


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It’s here!!

I’m way too tired to write anything of substance, but did want to at least share this.

Tomorrow’s the big day.  Cross your fingers for me!

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It’s finally here!  As I wrote here many months ago, we have a new teen center opening at my library–THIS SATURDAY!!  A year ago, the managers at my library visited The Edge at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library.  They had a focus groups with teens in April, I started my job in May.  Construction began in September, computers and TVs and bean bag chairs started rolling in about 2 weeks ago, and now we’re 4 days away.

Saturday we’ll be having a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Throughout December, I offered teens an opportunity to enter a drawing to cut the ribbon with the Chamber of Commerce members if they did a library scavenger hunt.  So now I’ve got one very excited 6th grade ribbon cutter, and a Teen Advisory Board absolutely brimming over with excitement–especially since we found out today that we’ll be having a red carpet!  My TAB also wanted a best-dressed contest for the teens who come–we’ll be working it as a fundraiser.  The party attendees can by 4 stickers for a dollar and then attach the stickers to the teen with their favorite outfit.  (No vote snatching here!).   Their theme is “Black & White with a Splash of Color.”  Should be fun.  🙂  The winning teen gets $25 and all the money we raise will go toward teen programming.

So my office this week is like Grand Central Station between all the phone calls and emails.  In retrospect, I should not have been ambitious enough to keep my book club and gaming programs on the calendar this week, because I was *way* unprepared for the book club today.  Thank goodness for forgiving teens!

Anyway, that’s what’s going down with me.  Wish me luck–I promise to post pictures next week once we’re allowed to show them off to the public!

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Here is my very festive, balloon-clad contest table!

Here is my very festive, balloon-clad contest table!

Changes are afoot at my library!

This evening the City Council is officially accepting the low bid so we can begin construction on the library’s new teen center.  Friday, they started moving the shelves out of the area of the library that will soon be home to lots of raucous teens playing video games, using laptops, performing on stage, drawing on a graffiti wall, and hopefully doing some reading and homework.  🙂

I found out just a week or two ago that we have to have the name for the room decided on pretty quickly after construction starts because it will affect the pricing.  So, I’m running a contest–teens get to enter their ideas for what the room should be called.  I go through and code them all with numbers, removing their names, and a committee of folks who are on the Teen Center Building Committee and the Library Board will choose their favorite.  The winner will get $25 and, of course, bragging rights when they see their idea up above the room’s entrance in neon lights!

It is definitely an exciting time and place to be starting out as a librarian!  I can’t wait!

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